What is Press Play?

What is Press Play
Welcome to Press Play

Press Play is an umbrella organisation incorporating the following:

  • The dyslexia@bayTM programme
  • The Learning4LearningTM programme
  • The Murphy ReadingTM  programme
  • The Use It or Lose ItTM programme
  • The Innovate at WillTM programme

Press Play is an organisation that can help overcome aspects of a range of learning difficulties, including dyslexia, dyspraxia and related learning difficulties (www.dyslexia-at-bay.com). We help to make study for all students more efficient, giving individuals incredible retention levels and focus (www.learning4learning.com). We can help early readers to become Super Readers (www.murphyreading.com). Seniors citizens can be helped to retain a Fit Brain to assist with memory and processing. Innovation is an absolute necessity for business and is often considered an inspirational process. Press Play can help any business to Innovate at Will.

We achieve this by focussing on the visual memory. The visual memory system is an incredibly effective way of learning, storing and recalling vast quantities of information. It is the most complex of all the senses and plays a crucial part in learning and innovation skills.

If we think of our visual memory as a series of photos, movies and symbols, we can see how it replays what we have learned on demand. However, if one of these movies cannot play, it can affect the entire brain.

That’s where we come in!

At Press Play, we train the brain to make sophisticated photos, movies and interactive symbols . Or more importantly, we teach you how to make them – and once you know how to learn, you can learn anything.

All you have to do is Press Play.